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7pm - 10pm

8 & 9 AUGUST 2024

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Real Women Raw Stories Speakers

Motherhood - The chapters that aren't in the manual


Entrapped to Enlightened - A Journey of Family Violence Survival


Being dyslexic, late diagnosed autistic and ADHD


Losing weight without losing yourself - lessons three years on from bariatric surgery


"Stories that aren't often shared but should be told" 

An inspiring event that will empower you to help yourself or someone else through the hardest of life's challenges.


We will hear from women that have experienced ups and downs and how their journey has shaped their life.

Sharing our stories is a powerful way to help others heal and improve our own lives. Be inspired by the courage and resilience of our 4 speakers and learn new strategies to help you live life to the fullest.

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A fantastic evening hearing from some brave wāhine. The food and the cool beverages were delicious. I am definitely returning next year!!

Emma Thompson

Stumbled over this event and very glad to have had opportunity to attend. Glad I had courage to buy a ticket and go by myself after reading the brief on the 4 amazing woman presenting . Some discussions close to my heart .

Looking forward to next year's event

Averil Gwynne

Real Women Raw Stories tickets image
Moira Murphy

The Story of Real Women Raw Stories

The Real Women Raw Stories event was born from a shared conversation about a social media post by ‘She Is Not Your Rehab’. It made me aware of how common these issues are  for so many people.


This conversation sparked an idea of wanting to help.  I originally wanted to help my Mum who was trapped by past trauma. At the time I felt unable to help her so instead I wondered how I might help others.


I am grateful that I was able to tell Mum prior to her passing  that this event was designed for her and that it will be her ongoing legacy.

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