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These women will share their deeply personal stories. To help inspire and encourage you to live life to your full potential. 

Many people live through challenging situations and hearing other peoples stories has the power to help heal and improve lives.

If you have not gone through these experiences yourself, it may help you to understand someone close to you.

Sarah Mizzi
Sarah Platt

Motherhood - The chapters that aren't in the manual
Becoming a Mum was always something Sarah wanted / dreamed of. Sarah met her husband Nick in her late thirties and became a mother for the first time at the age of 38, to their beautiful little man Stanley.
Then they got pregnant just over a year later with their little girl Sophia, their family was going to be complete. Unfortunately, not all dreams have happy endings, but Sarah wants to share with you how a broken heart can still beat, a broken heart can still love and most of all a broken heart can move forward.

Being dyslexic, and late diagnosed autistic and ADHD


Sarah Platt is a full time New Zealand artist of 2O years, with a background in primary school teaching. She and her husband have raised three kids.


In 2021 Sarah published a book of her personal journey ‘On Being Dyslexic’. She takes readers through the ups and downs of struggling through the New Zealand schooling system for 13 years, and how she managed to get through Teachers College. 


Recently diagnosed autistic and ADHD, Sarah says she feels she finally has the full manual to how her uniquely different brain works..

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The Juggle & the Struggle of being a Working Mum


Anna Johnstone is the Founder and CEO of The Female Career, a coaching and consulting organisation that improves gender balance at work in Aotearoa.


Anna holds an MSc in Applied Psychology and an MBA from IMD Business School in Switzerland. She spent 17 years working overseas in senior commercial roles for organisations such as Shell and Mars before returning home to Aotearoa in 2019.


She loves coaching women to thrive in their work and careers. She’s also a Mum to 3 energetic boys aged 13, 11 and 6.


Shifting the Shame of

Sexual Assault


Sophie Brown is a Sexual Assault Impact Advocate working to shift the current systems, stigmas and shame to support survivors and educate communities on the impact, management and prevention of sexual assault.


As a survivor of sexual assault from the ‘Mama Hooch’ trials, Sophie is ‘Shifting The Shame’ by speaking up and sharing her lived experience to remove the taboo and break the inherent shackles of shame no matter how it shows up.

Sophie Brown
Anna Johnstone
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