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Real Women Raw Stories - 2022


Alesha Thomson

Trauma: Childhood trauma and the Hunt for Peace

Alesha is a survivor or childhood trauma. She will open up about the impact that this has had on her life and the judgement she has experienced along the way. This will be a real and raw account of what it is like to be on the inside and how people helped and hurt her along the way.


Ruth Kenny

Suicide: When the helper needed help

Ruth is the mother of two boys, Jake and Ronan, and wife to husband Mark. Ruth and Mark came to New Zealand from Ireland in 2007. Despite appearing to have it all in June 2020 Ruth attempted to end her life. Ruth is sharing her experience to give people like her hope. Ruth has not only survived but is thriving, she now the proud owner of her coaching business, Ruth Kenny Mind Coach.


Sharon Armstrong

Relationship Scams: It's Simple Really...

Sharon Armstrong is a justice worker, author and public speaker. In 2011 Sharon found herself arrested in Argentina charged with being a drug mule. She had become a victim of a romance, money and drug scam. Sharon shares with her audiences how she continues to build her resilience and wellbeing and how she stays focused on the future.


Sarah Brown

Domestic Violence: She Is Not Your Rehab

Sarah is a celebrant, writer, and producer who is passionate about their mandate of ‘creating violence free communities’. Together with her husband Matt Brown, they co-founded She Is Not Your Rehab and have just launched their first book; a NZ Bestseller with the goal to encourage intergenerational healing.

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